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"We empower busy professionals and active individuals looking to move better, feel better, and recover faster to get back to the workouts and sports they love in less time without the need of painkillers, injections or multiple trips to the doctor"

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Look What Others Are Saying About Specialty Treatment From Cultivate Physical Therapy

Sydney B

Jordan is phenomenal physical therapist! He is thorough, patient and very informative! He gives you as long as you need verse a doctor shuffling you in and out as quick as they can. My family and I will choose Jordan with any injury over any doctor!

Chris P

If you want to become a better version of yourself physically, check out what Cultivate has to offer. I lived with mobility issues and pain because I thought it would eventually go away or I could just push through it. You don't have to! The issues I walked in with have all been corrected by Cultivate in a short amount of time. Your entire session is with the same PT so your quality of care week in and week out is exceptional. At cultivate your not a number and herded in and out like cattle. You get the attention and time it takes to see real improvements. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

Alan M

I tell anybody that will listen that a lad young enough to be my grandson is turning me back into the beast I used to be. His name is Jordan Coulon. I am sooo thankful that the Lord brought us together. It was nearly two years ago that he became my Physical Therapist as I needed to rehab after a serious surgery.

When I met this young Doctor of Physical Therapy, I was impressed by his wisdom, knowledge, integrity and skill. Two years later, my respect for him in all of these areas has grown.

When I first entered into the relationship, I thought it was for the short term. Now that I am living the pain free life under the tutelage of Jordan, my Personal Trainer, I have no thought of stopping, Lord willing.

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