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Misconceptions about Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy: Common Misconceptions Debunked

Physical therapy has always been shrouded in mystery, and the truth is many people don’t really know what it is. Some think that physical therapists only stretch muscles, or rehabilitate athletes. Others feel as though physiotherapy is an intense massage, or even just a way to avoid being stiff after a workout. As a physical therapist with many years of experience, I can honestly say that, despite all these conflicting ideas about physical therapy, one thing remains constant: most people believe we heal pain. And yes – we do heal pain, but what most people don’t understand is that physical therapy is NOT only about healing pain… it is about SO much more than that. This may sound controversial, but keep reading.

Most patients come to my clinic wanting nothing more than for the pain to be gone. And that’s something we can all understand – pain is absolutely terrible. But the most common misconception about physical therapy is that ALL physical therapists do is take away the patient’s pain. That just isn’t true.

Let me explain. If all a patient really wanted was for his lower back pain to be gone, or for her knee pain to disappear, then he/she would simply take a painkiller. And in my experience, many of the patients visiting my clinic have ALREADY done that. And the pain is STILL there when they first come to see us. So, getting rid of the pain isn’t the only issue the patient is facing. If pain relief is the only thing that’s required, the painkillers or the injection would have worked… but they haven’t.

The unfortunate truth is, many people see pain as the problem, not the symptom. And it is this precise disconnect that defines what a physical therapist does: physical therapy finds the CAUSE, so as to heal the problem, thereby getting rid of the pain. The intensive physical therapy undergone by an athlete to rehabilitate his leg is NOT only so that he will not be in pain, but so that the root cause of the problem is healed, thereby promoting maintained health. Similar is true for the mother suffering from lower back pain: her physical therapy doesn’t start by healing the pain, but rather tackles the root cause in order to eradicate pain permanently. So, in other words, though physical therapists love to get rid of pain, we do so in a way that treats pain as the cause, not the problem. Our aim is provide lasting health, not temporary comfort.

That having been said, physical therapists therefore do not participate in pain management. That’s right. Physical therapy is about removing pain completely, not just managing it. That’s why seeing a physical therapist is hands-on, thorough, and oftentimes for the duration of a couple of sessions. I see the same thing happening in my clinic all too often, that is, after a session or two with a physical therapist the patients feels great – his/her pain has dissipated, and life is back to normal. The problem is, he/she then stops coming to physical before completing the recommended number of sessions, and the pain returns.

It is this common scenario, too, which casts physical therapy under a cloud of misunderstanding. As we do not deal with the management of pain so much as the HEALING of the problem, patients often assume that if their pain is gone there is no need for further treatment. The truth is, physical therapy isn’t a painkiller – and thank goodness for that. Though a session or two might ease the pain, it’s imperative to continue seeing a physical therapist for the suggested duration of your treatment in order to attain PERMANENT health and a pain free life. Physical therapy is the most effective way of healing the CAUSE, and the happy truth is that, along the way, the pain will dissipate. So, based on the above, here are some things that physical therapist actually do:

• We make sure that we treat the root cause of the problem, rather than the symptom of the problem.

• By treating the root cause, we get rid of pain in a way that is sustainable and healthy.

• We continue treatment UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED, even if that means the patient no longer feels discomfort a few session into the treatment. We love to help people, and we do not want to see our patients experience the same pain later on.

• We tailor-make a plan to suit you: we give you stretches, advice, fitness routine, and so much more – all this so that you are capable of MAINTAINING a pain free life.

• We give you the best possible chance of achieving a sustained, permanent pain free life.

• We keep you out of the doctor’s office and away from the painkillers: we treat the ROOT CAUSE, not the symptom. • We do not treat pain, but rather ensure that the easing of pain is a byproduct of treating the root cause of the problem.

Physical therapy is, of course, useful for eradicating pain. But, the truth is, a common misconception lies is precisely HOW we do that. We do not offer temporary solutions to a permanent problem, rather we tackle the root cause of the problem so as to heal the patiently effectively.

So, there you have it: the most common misconception about physical therapy, namely, that physical therapists only treat pain. We do so much more than that, and with the proper, hands-on, unique treatment that physical therapy provides, a patient who does the required sessions, and commits to the therapy prescription, will ultimately maintain a pain free, active life. Stop the painkillers, stop the injections, and stop the visits to the physician: physical therapy is by far the most effective way to achieve and MAINTAIN a pain free life, healthily

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