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How To Improve Your Golf Game Over Winter...?

As we quickly approach the dark, cold, windy season, it is inevitable that the Golf game is going to be put on the back burner for some time. The majority of people likely will put their clubs in a closet and not look at them again for months. DON'T let that be you. Although periodic breaks are greatly beneficial for anyone, you don't have to loose the progress that you have made over the past several months.

The most proactive thing that you can do is take this time to get your body in better condition to play a rotational sport. Most of our daily lives only require that we move forward and back, and the majority of exercises that we do are also only in one plane of motion "forward & back". So, we sit for 8 hours at work, we drive in a flexed and seated position, we eat dinner in a seated and flexed position and yet we expect to be able to walk onto the golf course (usually with no formal warm up) and expect to crush the ball with consistency like the PRO's....WRONG! Not many people can shamelessly warm up on the course like this guy...For full warm up video click link below. It is worth your time!

If you don't have a standard warm up routine, now is the time to get one. The mindset of being able to play without properly warming up or swing a club at high velocities with no rotational stability work prior is what has led to an epidemic of back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and injuries on the golf course. Golf is a sport that many believe to be a lazy slow game, but the truth is it requires incredible flexibility, strength, and stability. All of these things are a must if you want to play consistently, play pain free, and enjoy the game late into life.

So what can you do about it now that it's to cold to play and courses are closed? PREPARE for next season! The best athletes use the off season to prepare for the following season to come. Why would this be any different for recreational athletes? Now is the time to improve your thoracic mobility, increase your glute and core strength, and learn how to move your body in the rotational plane required for golf to reduce injury and allow you to enjoy one of the greatest games on earth. If your not training your rotational muscles and trunk stabilizers, you will be inefficient and likely are at an increased risk for injury.

At Cultivate Physical Therapy & Motion Lab we have all the tools to asses your body mechanics, video and record 2 and 3D swing analysis and prepare a personalized warm up routine, strength and conditioning program and prepare you to play the best golf of your life. For more information on what we do call 432-262-1001 or email

For more information visit or click the link to get started and receive your FREE GUIDE to begin playing better golf now.

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