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Squat like a BABY again!?!

Have you every watched a young kid squat? Perfect form...with ease. At what point then do we lose the ability to squat?

The vast majority of us have many functional deficits that lead to loss of motion or compensation. Lack of motion in the ankles, knees, hips, and back all can have a MASSIVE impact on how we squat. This typically leads to back pain, knee issues, and injury.

The more we sit, and the more we age, the stiffer we become. In order to maintain mobility, we have to actually work on mobility. We spend hours upon hours in static positions (working at computers, driving in our cars, looking at our phones) and yet we expect to show up at the gym squat perfectly with no issues, or play a round of Golf without back pain. We must learn to move efficiently again!

At Cultivate Physical Therapy & Motion Lab our physical therapists have been trained to test full functional mobility and create personalized programs to improve movement in the entire body. Click below to schedule a free evaluation now!

Soft tissue restrictions in the ankles and hips develop over time, and therefore take TIME to correct. Time and EFFORT that is. But it is possible to improve your mobility drastically, and by improving mobility your output will improve. It's time for kids to teach us a thing or two. HOW TO SQUAT! And HOW TO MOVE!

If you haven't started working on mobility to improve your squat, NOW is the time. Simply Click the link BELOW and download the FREE E-BOOK to start perfecting your squat.

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