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"ARX simplifies the most comprehensive full-body workout through perfectly matched, motorized resistance. Short for “Adaptive Resistance™ Exercise,” ARX is scientifically proven to deliver the safest, most effective form of resistance exercise in less time."

Certified Personal Trainer Led

Alpha Exercise List

■ Leg Press

■ Chest Press

■ Row

■ Calf Raise

■ Bicep Curl

■ Torso Flexion

■ Torso Extension

arx alpha.png

Omni Exercise List

■ Belt Squat

■ Deadlift

■ Romanian Deadlift

■ Calf Raise

■ Pulldown

■ Pullover

■ Row

■ Overhead Press

■ High Pull

■ Horizontal Press

■ Decline Press

■ Incline Press

■ Pec Fly

■ Triceps Pressdown

■ Biceps Curl

■ Hamstring Curl

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