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Cultivate...What Does That Even Mean?

Cultivate Physical Therapy & Motion Lab

I was asked the question a few weeks back, "What does the name Cultivate mean?". Instinctively, I gave some textbook definition..."it means growth and development". While this is true and this is what I hope to achieve in my business, it’s only part of the story.

Last month I had the opportunity to spend some time with close friends. Reflecting back on that time is what opened my eyes to what the word “cultivate” means to me as it relates to my business.

I was with friends in an environment that allowed us to slow down, have conversations and spend quality time together. When all of those factors were combined, we were able to take good relationships and grow them exponentially. I realized that concept paralleled exactly what I wanted Cultivate Physical Therapy to represent. My goal in working with my patients at Cultivate is to slow down the process. I want get to know them on a deeper level so I can create an environment that will be most conducive to their growth. The time and depth required to cultivate a relationship is individual-specific, but modern healthcare tends to value quantity over quality. The modern healthcare model is not set up in a manner that supports cultivating relationships. Instead, patients are expected to come in, discuss the issue briefly and leave. I believe people deserve better than that. I want to do better than that.

I want Cultivate to be a healthcare environment where there is freedom to slow down and get to know my patients as humans, not as diagnoses. Treating most pain, in particular chronic pain, will never be resolved using the common ‘band aide’ approach. True treatment requires dedication and slowing things down in order to get to the root of the problem/pain. Only then can a healthcare provider know what attention is necessary for treatment and in turn, maximum, sustainable growth for the future. That ideology is what I feel Cultivate represents. To nurture and care for something/someone in a vulnerable state for as long as necessary until they are able to thrive on their own.

All too often I see modern healthcare implementing the band aide method by prescribing medication or quick fix that may relieve the patient temporarily, but I’m not interested in just helping people survive. I want to see them thrive. The process of cultivation is about creating an environment an organism can thrive in. That environment can be different for each organism just as it is for people. Either way, time and attention are essential to designing that ideal environment.

Cultivation is a process and experience. Through that process, I aim to get to the root of the issue. The human body is analogous to a plant- if you have a strong and stable root system it is less likely to be disrupted by minor problems. A strong base is crucial for growth, longevity and vitality. Some people expect to see flowers bloom before they’ve taken the time to cultivate solid roots. I look forward to helping people through their cultivation process.

My passion is to help others reach their goals and feel good while doing so. My vision for Cultivate Physical Therapy & Motion Lab is to identify my patient’s needs and deliver the best level of care accordingly. I hope to be a part of each patient’s healing and growth, so they can cultivate a lifestyle they desire with confidence and resiliency to injury.

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