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Golf Should Not Hurt

Have you ever noticed how most golf courses have a readily available supply of pain medication. At the pro shop, on the first hole, somewhere between, and next to the beer stand after a round. Hmm? Is it because so many people are playing through pain and not allowing their bodies to fully recover? Stop playing through the pain or believing you can't get any better and seek help NOW!

Golf is a sport that CAN be enjoyed late into life, if we take care of our bodies early on. Back pain and shoulder pain are the two most common injuries golfers face. Why you ask? Limited mobility and poor stability in the NECESSARY places. Most people generate motion through segments that should be stable and create stability in areas that should be mobile. This is problematic.

We have learned to generate extension, and over extension, but rarely perform or work on rotation. Golf is a rotational sport. It's time to learn to use the glute max as a rotator, and it's time to get the obliques firing. Poor thoracic and rib cage expansion leads to limited shoulder range of motion and over compensation in the low back. This makes it very difficult to separate the hips from the torso.

Anything that you have ever had success in has come with hard work, practice and coaching in some capacity. Why should this game of GOLF that we all love be any different. Now is the time take care of the body, reduce injuries and give yourself the gift of playing for a long time.

If you even remotely want to be serious about playing, you would be wise to have a mobility screen performed by a movement specialist like the one that is provided at Cultivate Physical Therapy & Motion Lab. This screen will clue you into underlying issues that may not be problematic currently but will more than likely catch up to down the road. Prevention is the best medicine. Stop the pain before it exists. Don't fall victim to the pain cycle and pop medicine to be able to get through round of golf. No one picks up a club hoping to just survive a round, they want to thrive. The only way to do that is to learn how to do things the right way.

Are you tired of battling injuries and hurting after 18 holes. Call us and get a free mobility screen. We will work with you individually to develop a personalized warm up routine, and exercise program to work on weaknesses and mobility issues and help you begin to thrive.

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