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Who is Physical Therapy really for?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Physical Therapy is that it is only for people who are in a lot of pain or who have just had surgery. WRONG! Although it is vitally important for these people and can produce drastic improvements, Physical Therapy is much more. Almost everyone deals with some sort of back pain, stiffness, movement limitations, or functional restrictions. Although these things may not be causing pain now, without the proper correction these things will likely lead to compensation and eventually pain down the road. Why not correct the problem before pain forces you to? Movement dysfunction and muscle imbalance lead to weakness, tightness, and impaired posture. With a functional movement screen, like the one offered at Cultivate Physical Therapy & Motion Lab, you will have an understanding of your limitations and restrictions and be given a detailed program of how to correct. Physical Therapy should be the go-to for conservative treatment and prevention of injury. When muscle imbalance is found early on, it is much easier to treat and correct. Give us a call today or stop in for a free movement screen so that we can help you take the next step towards and better, healthier you.

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